Script Writing

This is what we like to refer to as wild speculation. This is one of those potential scenarios that leaves pundits saying “Who is writing this stuff.”

I’m writing it. It’s me. This is how the Barclays Premier League will finish if Chelsea are destined to win the title.

This weekend, Manchester City travel to Anfield. City have a chance to silence the “We’re Gonna Win The League” chants that are becoming unbearable. However, in this scenario Liverpool knock off City and the chants grow louder. (Don’t know how we put up with them then). At this point Chelsea will be 5 points ahead of City who still have 2 games in hand. Liverpool will lead the league on 77 points. Chelsea will be on 75. Man City on 70.

City will make up 3 points against Sunderland that next week. Updated standings will be Liverpool on 77, Chelsea on 75 and city on 73. All three teams win that weekend. Liverpool on 80. Chelsea on 78. City on 76. 

Chelsea then must travel to Anfield. Liverpool’s last real roadblock to the title. The fans can feel the trophy coming home. However, it isn’t to be. Mourinho’s Men do whatever it takes and leave Merseyside with a scrappy 3 points. City win at Palace. Chelsea on 81. Liverpool on 80. City on 79. The next weekend Chelsea handle Norwich. Liverpool handle Crystal Palace. However, Man City aren’t so lucky.

They face a trip to Goodison Park. It’s never easy for visiting teams. City manage to find the back of the net and take the lead, but Everton are relentless. As the game winds down, the hosts are in need of a goal. Romelu Lukaku finds that goal very late to steal a point. The Belgian celebrates madly. Chelsea fans rejoice. They were angry he was loaned out, but he has now handed Chelsea a chance to clinch the title by beating Cardiff on the last day. Once again, Mourinho looks is a genius. Mourinho knows.  

Chelsea on 84. Liverpool on 83. City on 80.

Midweek, City take 3 points from their remaining match in hand against Villa. They’re level with Liverpool on points, praying that Chelsea slip.

Chelsea do not slip on the final day. A trip to Wales is merely a trip to claim the title. The Blues win comfortably. City and Liverpool take care of business against West Ham and Newcastle respectively, but it doesn’t matter. The trophy comes home to Stamford Bridge. Chelsea finish on 87 points, Liverpool and City on 86.

Oh the scenes. The fans doubted Mourinho for loaning Lukaku out, but the Belgian has essentially handed the title to his parent club. Blue Heaven.




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