Christmas Eve Rant

The NFL Playoff seeding system is DUMB. If Arizona (10-5) beats San Francisco (11-4) this weekend and New Orleans (10-5) takes care of business at home against Tampa Bay, we will see a team with 11 wins miss the playoffs. MEANWHILE, up north, the winner of Chicago (8-7) and Green Bay (7-7-1) will not only win their division, but have a home game. Green Bay could be hosting a home game with 8 victories. Arizona could be watching Green Bay on TV at home. Their 11 wins in this scenario? Pointless. That makes PERFECT sense. The logic there is actually FLAWLESS. In 2011, Denver won the AFC West and locked up the #4 seed at 8-8. Pittsburgh went 12-4 but was seeded #5. They had to play on the road at Mile High and lost to Tebow. In 2010, the Seahawks won the AFC West at 7-9. BELOW .500. Not even mediocre. Actually they were worse than mediocre (16 teams had a better record than Seattle that season). They got to host the Saints who finished 11-5. The raucous home crowd did just enough to see them to victory. Every year, it seems that a team that shouldn’t even be IN the playoffs is REWARDED with a home game. The current system encourages mediocrity. I don’t want to ever see an 11 win team sit at home, even if means the Saints miss the playoffs at 8-8. Put the best teams in the playoff, not the winner of a dumpster fire of a division.